Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 [2019]

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000: Bluetooth Earphones are now the latest trend for students and people.

Because in this fast forward world everyone is wanted some latest and Advance Technology.

Bluetooth Earphones are one of that and also the Bluetooth Earphones are very helpful.

The main benefit of Bluetooth Earphones is they are wireless. Because these are wireless so you don’t need to handle a wire which is very stressful.

The most stressful thing is to find the best Bluetooth Earphones under your budget.

People are getting stuck to find best but people end up choosing low-quality earphones because of some free suggestions.

But don’t worry you are here to find the best Bluetooth Earphones and I am sure after reading this post you will be Find the best earphones according to your needs. This best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 Rs. are really good and quality products.

best bluetooth earphones under 2000

5 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

1 . Leaf Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass

leaf bluetooth earphone under 2000

This earphone is come to the branding of Leaf, which is the leading company for making portable audio gadgets. And this Bluetooth Earphone is one of them.

Design: This Earphone comes with an Ergonomic design that cuts the unnecessary noises. Also, the Earphones come with Noise Isolation which reduces the Noise up to 95%.

Battery: The Leaf Earphone having a long battery life according to normal use. In 1.5 charging time gives 8 hours of music playback. And also the 300 hours Standby time.

The Earphones having a sport Earhooks for fit in your ears and this stop the falling of headphone while workout.

The leaf Ear comes with sweat-resistant technology and rated by *IPX 4. So because of this feature, you will be carefree while workout.

This uses Bluetooth v4.1 which gives up to 10 meters of strong connectivity.

Now, you can increase/decrease volume, play/pause, change tracks, even answer calls with integrated controls on the remote. Also having a Deep Bass for special Music Lovers to get premium music experience.


  • 1. 7 hours of battery backup only just of 1. 5 hours charging.
  • 2. Ergonomic design with Noise Isolation Technology for noise cancellation.
  • 3. Bluetooth v4.1 (Range up to 10 meters)
  • 4. Inline remote for operating operations directly like pause, start, change, etc.
  • 5. 1 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
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2. boAt Rockerz 255 sport Bluetooth wireless Earphone

boAt Rockerz bluetooth earphone

This Bluetooth Earphone comes from the boAt. the boAt is popular for its Audio products like earphones, headphones, and speakers.

Design: This earphone is lightweight because of this earphone is more portable. And the magnetic ear tips are given for a secure fit.

Battery: The battery backup of this earphone is good. It has a 110 mAh battery. And 10 minutes of Charging can give 45 minutes of Playback.

Rockerz Bluetooth Earphones having a 4.1 Bluetooth version with the power of Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset. Which provides the best functionality for Bluetooth.

The boAt Earphones are made by uncompromised Craftsmanship with material support. Also, the look is attractive with the Ergonomic design.

The earphone having an inline button which will help you to control things like Change sound track, Skip music, Access Google Assistant or Cortana voice assistant.

Also, the earphone is sweat resistant which will help you listen to music while Workout.

If you want a perfect earphone for traveling, For a workout or for normal things then Rockerz Bluetooth Earphones are the best choice.

Features of Rockerz

  • 1. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design.
  • 2. Magnetic Eartips for security.
  • 3. Super Extra Bass.
  • 4. IPX 5 certified and sweat resistant.
  • 5. Powered By Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset with Bluetooth 4.1 version.
  • 6. 110 mAh battery. 10 minutes of Charging can give 45 minutes of Playback.
  • 7. Inline controls for accessing the Voice assistant.
  • 8. Support Google Assistant, Cortana voice assistant and Siri.
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3. Mivi ThunderBeats Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic – Gun Metal

mivi thunderbeats bluetooth wireless  earphone

Mivi ThunderBeats is the third item in our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000. Mivi is a popular company in electronics and popular for Earphones, headphones, speakers, Chargers, and Wires.

Design: Thunder Beats earphone having the best design which gives clear low and high Beats to experience awesome sound quality. Design to cancel the noise. The body is the metal body and the adjustable clip for fit in your ears.

Battery: The battery has 7+ hours of battery backup which is best for traveling. The mentioned battery power is 120 mAh and the battery type is Lithium Polymer.

Mivi ThunderBeats Wireless earphone is compatible with the workout which means this is sweat resistant and the magnetic taps lock the earphone around your neck.

This Wireless earphone having three inline remote buttons to operate easily. Like Sound increasing or decreasing, skip music and take calls, this feature is called as hands-free calling.

It’s having latest Bluetooth version which gives a range of 30 feet for accessing devices. And also it can connect the dual devices which make this wireless Bluetooth Earphone different.

The metallic body of ThunderBeats is very stylish gives awesome look. The material is used to build ThunderBeats is very premium quality.

Features of Mivi ThunderBeats

  • 1. Mivi branding.
  • 2. A metallic body with high-quality material is used.
  • 3. Sweatproof and firm fit design.
  • 4. 7+ hours of battery backup.
  • 5. Deep Bass and Clear Highs.
  • 6. Latest Bluetooth version.
  • 7. Magnetic Eartips.
  • 8. Inline remote buttons.
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4. boAt Rockerz 261 Sports Wireless Earphones (Jazzy Blue)

boAt rockerz 261 wireless bluetooth earphones

The boAt Rockerz 261 is a higher version of 255. The hardware in both models is almost the same but design and some features are upgraded with the latest technology.

Design: The main advantage of this Bluetooth Earphone is its design. The buttons are at the backside of earbuds. And the Earhooks fit in your ear. This uses an Ergonomic design which gives a lightweight design.

Battery: The boAt Rockerz 261 having a 100 mAh battery. Which is a rechargeable battery and provides an 8+ Hours of massive Backup. And in standby mode, the battery backup is up to 250 hours.

The Rockerz 261 wireless Earphone having 11 mm drivers which give HD quality audio performance. And Qualcomm CSR 8635 gives a power boost to performance.

This Bluetooth beauty is having IPX 7 certified design. And the finished with the blue mixed with the black color. It is a Water-resistant and Sweat-resistant, so you can enjoy your workout more with the Rockerz 261.

The integrated controls make the very easy to control music or song. The voice assistant gives hands-free working.

With 8 hours of massive Backup, you can use this boAt Earphones while traveling, watching movies, in the gym and in the playground.

Features of Rockerz 261

  • 1. 8+ hours of Playback time with 100 mAh battery.
  • 2. Earhooks to fit in your ears while workout and ground activities.
  • 3. Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset with 11 mm drivers for HD audio quality.
  • 4. IPX 7 certified design with sweat and water-resistant.
  • 5. The integrated controls for controlling process.
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5. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic with Dynamic bass, Splash and Sweat Proof, up to 9hrs Battery (Black)

Mi Sports bluetooth earphone

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones as the name suggests this earphone is best for those who love sports and always love to play on the ground. Also, this is the best choice for students and other peoples. Mi is now the most popular company and it is known for the budget mobile phones but also this is popular for making premium quality accessories, cables, chargers.

Design: The design of this earphone is lightweight and design for the Sports activity. The Earhooks can lock the earbuds in your ear so you can do anything like jogging, play any games and workout at the gym. The design is looking very stylish and this having multifunctional buttons to control operations.

Battery: According to the Mi the battery backup of this Sports Bluetooth Earphone is 9 hours, which is very massive in this price range. But after using this wireless Earphone I get a backup of 7 to 8 hours which is also best.

It comes with the 4 extra earbuds in different sizes. and this having a Microphone so it will help you while you are in traveling.

This earphone having three buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume and also you can change the music by pressing for two minutes. And the middle button is used to play/pause and accept/reject the call.

This is IPX 4 certified product that means water-resistant and Sweatproof. So you can use this in the rainy season too…

It has a 10 mm drivers so can get crystal clear HD quality sounds. The isolated fitting gives access to listen to music in noisy places.

If you are finding the best Bluetooth wireless Earphone then Mi sport is a good choice, I used this earphone mainly which jogging, playing Cricket and football and in the gym. So if any doubts then comment below.

Features of Mi Sports Earphone

  • 1. IPX 4 certified Water and sweat resistant.
  • 2. Lightweight design made with plastic.
  • 3. Three buttons to volume up or down, Take calls.
  • 4. 9 hours of battery backup.
  • 5. 10 mm drivers for better sound quality.
  • 6. Inbuilt mic or 4.1 Bluetooth support.
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How to choose the Best Bluetooth Earphone in 2019?

Above we give the best and latest wireless Bluetooth Earphones and if you want to buy this earphone then buy without thinking more. But here some people want to choose different earphones than our list.

Don’t know how to best earphone, then read the below guide.

There are many factors will be considered while buying the best quality Bluetooth Earphone.

But below we only consider some important factors.

  • Design: Before buying any Wireless Bluetooth Earphone First check the design like what material is used. And also check it is water-resistant or not. And check inbuilt mic is there and the Earhooks or fitting wires are there.
  • Battery: This is the most important thing while picking a Bluetooth Earphone because it uses the power of rechargeable batteries so must check how much battery it has. Normally choose a minimum 100 mAh battery. And read reviews and descriptions to get real battery backup time.
  • Buttons: Must check how many buttons are there because buttons make your task of operating music very easy.
  • Water Resistant: Today technology is now very Advance and mobile phones also come with Water-resistant technology. So check that it Water-resistant and Sweatproof.
  • Sound Quality: the Normally sound quality of Bluetooth Earphones is good. If you want to know real quality must read the reviews, after this you will know everything about earphone.

This are some important points you can consider while buying a Best Bluetooth Earphone under any price range.

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I also check these points and it will help me most for buying an earphone.

Why Bluetooth Earphones are best than Wired Earphones?

There are many advantages that tell that Bluetooth Earphones are best than Wired Earphones.

Below we give a list of reasons why Bluetooth Earphones are best.

  • Portability: You know that Bluetooth Earphones not having many wires, so it is easily portable.
  • Durability: In my opinion, wireless Earphones are more durable than the Wired one.
  • Range: In Wired you need to carry your phone with connected wire, but if you use Bluetooth Earphone then in a range of 10 meters you can easily use.
  • Comfort: The Bluetooth Earphones are very comfortable and easy to carry.

These is some reasons that tell why Bluetooth Earphones are best than Wired Earphones.

Final Words

This is the Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 RS. After reading this you can choose your favorite earphone.

And I also provide a buying guide so you can choose the perfect earphone for your daily needs.

Thanks for reading this…

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