Top 5 Best Hoverboards for Teenagers [2020]

Want the best Hoverboard for teenagers? Then this post is for you. We have just written a post on best Hoverboards for teenagers in the year 2020.

Hoverboards are one of the best technological inventions and we have to use this invention. In the market many types of Hoverboards available for adults, teenagers, and kids.

Here I selected 5 best hoverboards that you can buy for your children. Hoverboards will be the best choice for teenagers to spend quality time with friends.

Riding a Hoverboard will help your children’s to increase reflexes speed, balance skill and it is a cool exercise for the body. And also introducing new inventions to your kids will increase their creativity level.

If I was a parent then I can spend some money to buy a Hoverboards for kids for their enjoyment, you should also have to invest some money in Hoverboard for your child.

In market Hoverboards available in different shapes, colors, and features. I did some research and found out some Hoverboards that are suitable for teenagers while researching I considered points are Durability, safety features.

These Hoverboards specially made for teenagers to protect them, that’s why these boards have more safety features Because safety is the priority.

So, let’s see which is the best Hoverboard for teenagers, and don’t miss our Ultimate Guide for buying best Hoverboards for teenagers. And we give an answer to many questions at the end of this article.

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If you want to know the price then check out the product at Amazon. And all products available on the Amazon store.

Best Hoverboards for Teenagers

1. UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids, 6.5″ Two Wheel Electric Scooter

Best Hoverboards for Teenagers

UNI-SUN Hoverboard is the best for Teenagers and kids. This is a very beautiful Hoverboard on this list. It is two-wheel Hoverboard with a fully electrical scooter. This board is self-balancing it means it automatically balances itself. It has beautiful LED lights in different colors.

UNisun Hoverboard available in different varieties (almost 5 different varieties) and each is unique and special from each other. And it is very cheap according to their features. Let’s see a short description of each variety.

Pure Color Series

  • Available in different colors black, blue, Yello, etc
  • Two different versions as Bluetooth/no-Bluetooth
  • Equipped with LED front lights and sidelights
  • Riding range from 6-9 miles
  • Best for 4-8-year-old kids

Funny Series

  • Available colors Graffiti, Carbon Blue, Star Purple, Camo Green, Star Blue, Tire
  • Fully supported by Bluetooth
  • Equipped with LED lights
  • Riding range from 6-9 miles
  • Best for all kids and teenagers

Chrome series

  • Available colors Tri-colors, Gold, Rose Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Red
  • Two versions Bluetooth/no-Bluetooth
  • Equipped with LED and sidelights
  • Riding range from 6-9 miles
  • Best for 9-12-year-old kids

There are three main varieties that are the best selling in the market. This Hoverboard is made from solid and quality material. You can feel the Quality of material used for building this Hoverboard.

This Hoverboard had a ride range of 6-9 Miles which is quite good for teens and it can this range in a single charge. According to the company, it has a milage of 15 KM. It’s tied size is 6.5 inch which is capable to provide smooth performance.

It is made for a ride in any road conditions without any problem. It has beautiful LED front lights and colorful flashing at wheels. It has a strong structural body, stable and it is durable.

Battery: Its battery backup is also good, it takes 3 hours to charge from 0-100 percent. And it will stop charging after charging reach at full. As it is certified by the UL 2278. It also has a battery indicator. It is totally safe from battery faults.

It has many sensors to automate the board and these sensors make Hoverboard smarter too. These sensors are important for Rider to control speed and balance. The sensors are Gyroscope, acceleration sensors, moving control of your body.

This Hoverboard is to the power that it can carry 264 lbs weight easily and it has 300W motors to maintain your speed and gives you a 15 Kmph speed. It’s riding is 15 km in just a single charge which is great.

Customer support is also good and you 3 years of warranty.

2. CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Hover Board

Best Hoverboards for kids

It is also a very popular series of Hoverboard, in this Cho series 5 color options available. It is a powerful Hoverboard for teenagers, it is 6.5-inch Hoverboard with the self-balancing feature.

It is certified by many safety features and under UL 2278 certified so don’t need to take tension of electrical performance. Also, inbuilt speakers can be wirelessly connected with any device.

So this is the best fun pack of quality, latest technology, and features. So this one is also the best Hoverboard for teenagers.

Price: It is a pocket-friendly tech gadget available in the market. If you have 120$ of budget then this is best for you because in this price range it gives you more features and awesome quality.

Safety: Cho Hoverboard series is certified by the UL 2278 so don’t panic about electrical defaults and enjoy your best and fun ride with friends. It is also made by using quality material which provides extra durability to Hoverboard to carry weight and manage speed.

Battery: Its battery backup is also good. It is not mentioned anywhere but people reviews said it takes 3-5 hours of charging time and in a single charge, it travels up to 12 KM. Which is a very good deal under this price range.

Weight Capacity: It can carry a maximum weight of up to 240 lbs and a minimum of 45 lbs. This is quite good for Teenagers and easily they can use this Hoverboard. It is two-wheel Hoverboard so weight management is also good.

Tire Size: It has a wheel size of 6.5 inches and it is a regular wheel size for teenagers and it is best if your area has short grass and good roads. It is not for rocky areas, so don’t use this under rocky road conditions.

While taking a ride, check that Hoverboard is fully charged or not. And if your kid is not much mature then give him safety gear.

It has also the support Bluetooth speakers so this makes more fun for your children. It is equipped with LED front lights, beautiful color wheels, led sidelights which is very beautiful. It is a self-balancing hoverboard with slip less base, which keeps a rider on their place without slipping.

So check out this best Hoverboard for your teenage kid.

3. HOVERSTAR All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard

Best Hoverboards for Teenagers

Hoverstar is the new beast Hoverboard in this list, it looks very bulky and powerful. It has two wheels which can also run on rough road conditions without any problem. This is one of the best Hoverboard for teenagers and its quality is also good.

It has self-balancing technology and an awesome flash wheel with wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be operated by any portable device. So enjoy music while riding a Hoverboard.

Hoverstar is the USA based company that manages to build high-quality Hoverboards for adults, kids, and teens. The company uses premium quality material to make the board more durable.

According to the company, it has a speed of 6-19 MPH which depends on the rider weight and road conditions. It is available in 6 different colors and versions so checkout all versions.

Price: Hoverstar Hoverboards are not very expensive according to their quality, this will be a pocket-friendly deal for you it will available under 100$ and 150$. This is very cheap according to my review, and it would more fun in your kid’s life.

Safety: It is certified by UL 2278 certificate so don’t be panic about its battery quality, it wouldn’t catch fire if you charge for more time. It is the fireproof board for kids. Also, it’s durability is improved because it can easily run any surface, so it is durable. The Hoverboard is made with fireproof material. If your kid is a beginner then make sure they wear safety gear.

Battery: it has a battery of 36V/ 4A which is best to give enough power to your Hoverboard. It requires 2-3 hours of charging time to full charge. It can travel 10 miles distance in a single charge. It has a speed of 10 MPH which is very fast and depends on the rider weight.

Weight Capacity: It has a weight capacity of 160 lbs which is enough for Teenagers and adults also. It easily carries a rider in a long distance. And also easily cover the distance on a rough surface. It is a two-wheel Hoverboard, so weight management is good.

Tire Size: It is not mentioned but after reading some reviews, it has a size of 8 inches. It is quite big but I recommend this if your kid is 13-19 years old. These tires will give you a smooth ride experience. And also gives you

Its other features are, impeccable speed control by the rider, front LED lights, led flash wheels, Bluetooth support with Speakers.

It is the best Hoverboards for kids, teenagers and for Adults. So get this fun experience with Hoverstar.

4. TPS 6.5″ Rechargeable Hoverboard Electric Self Balancing Scooter

Best Hoverboards for Teens

TPS 6.5″ Hoverboard is the best choice if your kid is under 15 years age. You can give them as a birthday present or Christmas gift or any other occasion this gift will bring happiness in your kid’s life.

It is 6.5″ Hoverboard, it is available in two versions Bluetooth and no-Bluetooth. This is very lite weight had just a weight of 22 lbs. Its battery backup is also good to give you 6 Miles of long-range travel in a single charge. It requires 3-4 hours of charging time.

Let’s each point clearly, as it is good for teens and it’s material also provides durability.

Price: It is Pocket-friendly Hoverboard for your kids, you especially have to be a budget of 110$ and it’s totally worth it. First, it brings happiness, and the important skills also increase. Its quality is good so you can pay money for Quality and others for its features.

Safety: Just I said it is durable, and it is certified by the UL 2278 certificate. Which shows you don’t get any battery related serious problems. As it is tested for various conditions and doesn’t catch fire so this is best according to safety.

Battery: it has 36V/2 A li-ion batteries which take 3-4 hours of time to full charge. These batteries can provide enough power to ride this Hoverboard up to 6 Miles at the speed of 6 mph.

Weight capacity: It has a maximum carrying capacity of 200 lbs at normal speed. So it can easily carry a teenager without eating more battery power. As it is not for terrain traveling so keep this at smooth roads.

Tire Size: It is not very big and it tires sound size 6.5″ which is the best size for teenagers. It will give a smooth performance, try this only smooth surfaces, not on rocky surfaces. It is coated with rubber.

It has an advance self-balancing system to keep beginner learners on the board and any beginner will learn Riding Hoverboard easily. Its battery is powerful enough to run the dual 300-watt motor for a long time.

It also had led headlights to use this at night and you get cool ride’s. It also has led sidelights for more decoration. Its tire has flat rubber tires.

Try this Hoverboard.

5. JOLEGE Hoverboard, 6.5″ Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboards

Best Hoverboards for Teenagers

Jolege Hoverboard is the last pick of my list and it is has reviewed by more than 500 people, and it is also durable and perfect Hoverboard for a teenager like it can easily carry a teen from place to another.

It is certified by the UL, so it is fireproof and it also has many different features to give the cool look as well as provide fun to your kids. It is self-balancing so any beginner can learn this easily. It can rotate 360.

Let’s see the factor that’s why we added this in my list of best Hoverboards for Teenagers.

Price: Its quality is superb and according to this quality the price is very low so this is a good deal for you it is available in eleven different colors with some additional functionality but I am sure you will get this Hoverboard under your budget.

Safety: As it is certified by the UL 2278 certificate so it is fireproof and doesn’t have any issues about batteries, it is durable enough to easily carry any 90 kg, adults and teenager. It also has to slip fewer pads to keep the rider on the board.

Battery: it has a 36 V battery and it takes 2-3 hours of charging time. In a single charge, it can travel up to 12 KM, which is good for a teenager. The battery size is powerful enough to give power to 300 Watt motors.

Weight Capacity: Company mentioned that it has a 100 KG weight capacity and it is the maximum weight. And it is two-wheel Hoverboard so weight management should be good.

Tire Size: As it has 6.5″ tire size which easily gives a smooth performance on the smooth surfaces, it is not made for rocky or terrain area. Keep this Hoverboard on smooth surfaces like concrete roads in gardens.

It also has led front lights to give night performance and for the cool look, it has flash wheels and led sidelights. I am sure your kid will like this future gadget.

Check this out on the Amazon store.

Ultimate Guide for buying best Hoverboards for Teenagers

Ultimate Guide for buying best Hoverboards for Teenagers

This Ultimate Guide will help you to choose the best amongst best while writing this guide we analyzed hundreds of reviews and YouTube videos.

Also given detailed info of Hoverboards available in the Market.

Hoverboards is the latest sensation in kids because it is one of the cool thing available in the market which presents the future. As you know Hoverboards will be the future technology, and now it’s basic versions available to purchase and use. Let’s see two types of Hoverboards.

One Wheel Hoverboard

This Hoverboard I would not recommend for teenagers because it has many advance features and it looks risky.

This Hoverboard is balanced in one Wheel which is placed in between of Hoverboard and rider need to perform some gestures to control the board.

If your kid is mature then you can think about this, this is unique.

Two wheel Hoverboard

These Hoverboards are balanced using two wheels at two sides, and it is the safest board for kids, teenagers. In which rider also need to perform gestures to control speed.

It is well-balanced boards for kids and Powerful enough that can ride by any teenager.

This are the two types which is available in market to purchase. Let’s see which factors you need see while purchasing best product.

1 . Price

This is most important factor which is consider by everyone while purchasing any product. And in case of Hoverboards you need to keep a budget of 120$. Yes, it is an average price of Hoverboard which is available for Kids and teenagers. But if you go for very high quality then you should have to pay more. In my list, I included all hoverboards under 150$, so this is the best deal for you.

2 . Safety

This is second most important factor you have to consider while buying best Hoverboard for teenagers. Because the safety of kids is the first priority of every parent.

In many cases, hoverboard catch by overcharging or by falty batteries is seen in low-quality products. But now the certificate is provided for Hoverboards which shows Hoverboard is tested by a team of experts, tested under different conditions. The Certificate is UL 2278, make Shure check this certification when buying a Hoverboard.

3 . Battery life

Battery life is also an important factor to consider because it shows how much time these Hoverboards can work. Based on my research I should say that it would give you 1 to 3 hours of battery backup. Also, many people claim that these Hoverboards can travel upto 10 to 20 KM on a full charge.

4 . Weight Capacity

This point you can decide by measuring weight of kid for that you have to buying This. It is necessary to check weight Capacity because if it doesn’t carry the weight then it will break. So, see the weight capacity of Hoverboard. I can predict that the weight capacity for teenagers is 45-100 KGs.

5 . Wheel size

This is not very important but you have to check this. In my list, all the Hoverboards have a wheel size of 6.5 inches. But in market 8 inch and 10 inch size also available. Basically Small tire size is easier to carry and big size tires can provide smoother and effective performance. Remember 6.5 inch tire size.

6 . Other features

This is the last factor you have noticed. See Hoverboards is the latest technology and many manufactures add many extra features to attract customers and to stay in computation. But I want to tell you that, try to purchase Hoverboard under your budget (150$ is a must) and try not to spend extra cash for extra features. If you get same feature under your budget then definitely go for it.

The extra features I talked about is LED lights, decorations.

I think this Ultimate Guide will help you a lot and I am sure this also help others also. So please share this guide with your friends and family and provide them some value.


The conclusion of any article is necessary, and it will give you a short description.

So these Hoverboards are really future technology because in many countries it is only a dream to buy Hoverboard but in the US it is easily available.

And it is very popular amongst kids so it is the best gift for your friend, kid or for your brother and sister. Because this will give them tremendous amount of happiness it is only 100$.

So , try to make purchase of best hoverboard for teenagers. And share this good article with friends and family.

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