Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under 5000 in India

Last year, we saw truly wireless earphones from go noise read me block part one more Etc.

But since the truly Wireless Market is growing.

We have bigger companies jumping the budget Market Brands like JBL, Motorola, Lenovo, real me and Skullcandy amazed wait,

you know the names so the question has to be asked now that we have bigger Brands, which is the king of budget truly wireless earphones.

And today we’ll cover JBL c100 DWS, Lenovo S10 truly wireless earphones, real me buds, are Motorola were 500, Skullcandy says truly wireless earphones.

But before you begin the criteria to judge a best truly wireless earbuds is,

  • Comfort audio quality
  • call Quality
  • connectivity and
  • battery life

Let’s see the which are the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000 in the market.

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Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in India [2020]

1. JBL C100 TWS

best truly wireless earbuds

Let’s start with the recently available and often out of stock JBL C100 TWS. And you know what since this is our first earbuds in our list. Let’s see what you get in the box, so you get a charging case, a pair of extra ear tips and a micro USB cable for charging.

The content is the same for all the TWS in this list, except the real me buds are they have a type c Port additionally all the earbuds have OK Google and hey Siri support with Bluetooth 4.0.

Now with that out of the way first impressions, I didn’t like this the case feels bulky and odd inside the pocket. And so do the earbuds for a better perspective. It’s as big as the popular noise shots X5 which are known for their bulky design. But here’s what I like the audio quality.

I have been using the JBL Bluetooth speaker and JBL earphones for a long time. And these have that signature JBL sound although drivers are tiny at 5.8. Mm. They performed really well in Design ensures it’s loud enough. And I love the base operation.

However, it’s too boosted for my liking, in terms of latency you have AAC, while they do a good job when watching YouTube videos things slightly worsen when it comes to playing PUBG or watching live cricket. If gaming is your priority wait for the real me buds and another thing which I like is different controls on the left and right earbuds usually most earbuds have similar controls on the left and right like you have to double-tap or triple-tap to change music.

When you single press on the right, it plays or pauses music, single press on the left to skip and double-tap on the right to go to the previous song.

In terms of battery life, they do an average job the case and the buds combined to give you 17 hours of battery life.

Overall, they are decent for the price and audio quality is good and they don’t feel uncomfortable. However, I would have liked a type c and slightly better battery life, which you get with other earbuds.

2. Real Me Buds

credit – gsm arena

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the real me buds air look like the Apple AirPods, and that’s the only thing I hate about them. Let’s get to the good part first, It’s the only budget truly wireless earphones, which has wireless charging type c, in here detection, low latency gaming mode. Now the closest to this is the Galaxy Buds which cost twice the amount of money and only offers half the features, for all of them you would have to share out 25,000 INR and get the Apple AirPods stroke, so you get the value for the money part.

One underrated feature I would like to point out is the Google Fast pair. It’s somewhat similar to how Apple Airpods connect to an iPhone for the first time. The real me did have Google Fast pair, but it is expected to come later in this quarter 2020. I reached out to real me about this and will update the article as soon as we get any information.

The In-Ear detection Works seamlessly and you would be absolutely amazed. It’s a natural action that you do when you have to listen to someone. It also has the propriety R1 chip. Yeah, the name does ring a bell which activates the low latency mode when you tap and hold on both the earbuds. Here is where it misses out the audio quality. It’s flat, to be honest. And this is the problem with the Urban Design since these don’t go inside your ear canal they sound low. The birds also feature a dual mics set up to enable noise cancellation during calls and I must say they do make a difference Outdoors. It had the best Call Quality on this list.

For Battery life, you get an overall battery life of 17 hours, but you do get type c charging as well as wireless charging.

Simply put the real me buds Air one of the best TWS in the market while the audio quality is decent. It makes up for it in every other department from Type C charging, wireless charging, In-Ear auto-detection, and the low latency gaming mode. We have others to cover but this is the deal.

3. Lenovo HT10

It is our third best truly wireless earbuds in our list, First Impressions I like the matte finish of the case. Although it’s made up of plastic the case feels premium and so do the buds. The earbuds are a bit bulky similar to the JBL C100 TWS but fit your ear canal quite well and the ceiling gives you a damn good noise cancellation.

One thing I don’t like about the earbuds is the bulkiness, they are as bulky as noise shots X5. It has a big button on the backside of earbuds when you press that button the earbuds push in your ear canal, so I have to use two fingers instead. I prefer a Placement like Motorola verve 500 where the buttons are at the bottom.

I do like the sound quality though. It’s loud and Rich. If you watch a lot of videos It’s got APT-X which provides less latency in case you don’t know APT-X provides lower latency than other Bluetooth codecs like SBC and AAC. It’s hard to find APT-X at this price range. So it’s a good deal. Of course. The other device also has to support APT-X which most of the smartphones do. Overall, the Lenovo HT10 has really good things to offer you get good sound quality APT-X great battery life. Not much to complain here.

4. Motorola Verve Buds 500

Next up we have the Motorola Verve buds 500 which comes in a ring-like case like this trust me these look better in person than in poodles.

And here’s the cool part. The button is at the bottom who would have thought about that. But apart from this everything else is just disappointing.

The sound quality is mediocre. The battery life is subpar you get SBC audio codec which explains latency while watching YouTube videos.

These by far had the most latency in our entire list so you can imagine how hard it would be to play PUBG on the Motorola Verve Buds 500, coming down to battery life. Overall. You get nine hours including the case.

In short, I like the design but there is no real reason to recommend them. The battery life is subpar and so is the audio quality there are much better options available out there like the real me buds Air.

5. Skullcandy Sesh TWS

Another popular offering is a Skullcandy Sesh TWS truly wireless earphones back in college. I love the Skullcandy flamboyant design and hopes were really high on this one.

Well for the start the earbuds don’t disappoint the case has that matte finish and even the Buds look different. If you’ve used an in-ear monitor, it somewhat has that same shape and size.

I also like that you can adjust the volume directly to wear the earbuds, most of them don’t have this option.

You get good audio quality, the base does feel slightly boosted. But hey, it’s Skullcandy, you know on the other hand the vehicles and Highs are crisp it Wells of a bit when you listen to electronic music, but here’s the legit problem battery life, Just like the Motorola Verve 500 It lasts only 10 hours which is a huge deal breaker.

Most of the other TWS last somewhere around 17 hours and some of them can even go 24 hours like Lenovo HT10 or 50 hours like the Noise Shot X5.

Coming down to Call Quality you can only listen and respond to calls on the left earbuds. It’s not stereo and trust me you wouldn’t like handling calls on this one. The audio is too low even for indoors.

Overall the only good thing about it is the design and the audio quality is decent apart from that the battery life and call quality are subpar.


I will still stand by my recommendation of the red me Air Buds I got the best budget truly Wireless, You can get 4000 rupees. However, availability in India is another issue. If you can have your budget real me Airbuds is a good deal. The only cons are the Apple AirPods look.

Well, I guess for some people if you don’t like the Apple AirPods, look, I would recommend the JBL C100 TWS or Lenovo HT10.

You cannot go wrong with either of them JBL ones have good audio quality while the Lenovo ones have APT-X.

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