Top 5 Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 Rs

I am writing this post for my friends who asked me “Which is the best wireless mouse for Gaming and as well as for office use?” 

So, I am sure you will like this article and after reading this article you will be able to choose the best Wireless mouse under 1000 for your work.

Generally, people love to use Mouse more than the Laptop touchpad and if you have Desktop then Mouse is important. I generally preferred a wired mouse because the wired mouse is cheap and you get the fastest performance.

Wireless mouse is also the best choice because you don’t have to deal with the disturbing wires and you can operate your mouse from the far length and many features that are available with a wireless mouse. 

If you decided to buy a Wireless mouse but you don’t know which points you have to consider while choosing a mouse. 

Then, You have to read a buying guide for Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming and office use under 1000.

First, see the 5 Wireless Mouse and then read the buying guide and also see the actual product on Amazon. 

Let’s get started…

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5 Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000

Here, we give a 5 best wireless mouse under 1000 Rs and all are of Branded company so you will get high-quality products.

1. Xmate Zorro Pro 3200DPI, Rechargeable 2.4Ghz Wireless Gaming Mouse with USB Receiver

best wireless mouse

This is the most stylish Wireless mouse in our list, It’s build quality and look is truly attractive and the Blue Backlit color looks awesome. 

Xmate Zorro Pro has an ergonomic design that feels very comfortable and it has 6 buttons that are fully programmable. 

And the important feature is it has a Rechargeable battery. And it does not require any external driver to just plug and play.

2. HP Z3700 Wireless mouse black 

best wireless mouse under 1000

This is a beautiful and best Wireless mouse under 1000 Rs, the beautiful thing about this mouse is its beautiful design and quality of the mouse.

You can trust the quality of the product because it is manufactured by the Brand company HP. 

This is the best wireless mouse for office use and you can also use it for gaming. Its professional design gives you an ability to use in office and for official works.

3. Logitech M221 silent wireless mouse 

which isbest wireless mouse

This is the third wireless mouse in our list and as its name suggests it is a very silent wireless mouse.

It has been designed to reduce click noise by 90% and also the scroll wheel is made up of rubber which also reduces the noise and makes Logitech M221 a silent mouse.

And you can operate a mouse from 10 meters away and has a Lithium battery which has 18 months of lifespan.

It has a small and strong design, you can use this mouse for normal work, gaming, and office use.

4. Offbeat – RIPJAW – 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse – 7D Buttons

best wireless mouse for gaming

It is another best wireless mouse for gaming and it’s looking very good. The mouse was designed by Offbeat and the important thing is, it is also has a Rechargeable battery.

It has 7 buttons which are fully programmable, means you can handle all your operations in one hand, it has 3 DPI levels which help you to adjust according to your need. 

It has an ergonomic design that is very comfortable and in a single charge of 45 minutes lasts long for 50+ hours.

And most important feature or thing is you get a free mouse pad or mat for using a mouse anywhere.

5. Dell WM 118, 1000 DPI wireless optical mouse 

wireless mouse dell

It does not have dozens of features but we added this mouse in our list of the best wireless mouse under 1000 Rs because of it’s brand and the price. 

It is a simple mouse with the best quality of accuracy and with 2.4 GHz of wireless connection.

The mouse has a curved design with  1000DPI. If you want a wireless mouse for office use then this mouse is best as well as this mouse will be best for the normal gaming experience.

This is the Top 5 Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 and I’m sure you will like this product and you can check the price at Amazon because the price goes up and down but all of this morning under 1000 Rs.

Ultimate buying guide to Choose the best wireless mouse 

Above I give a 5 Wireless Mouse list, Now it’s time to choose from above.

In the below guide, I explained some points that you have to think while choosing the wireless mouse. 

The guide I given in the next paragraphs is based on my 5 years of experience,  this guide is also helpful for me to choose the best one.

Let’s start the ultimate buying guide…

 1. Branding

This is not the most important point but this point will help you choose the best quality product when you buying a mouse then first check which brand is best for Computer accessories like Logitech, red gear, dell, HD, and Lenovo. You can consider this point while choosing the best wireless mouse. 

2. Design  

This is also an important point because it is important to the mouse has a comfortable design and multiple extra features. Now ergonomic design is popular, so when you choosing the mouse then check the design parameters like which design type used, what material used and usability.

3. Buttons 

Thie point is most important for those who want wireless gaming mouse, normally three buttons also help to play any game but if you are a games lover then check how many buttons in the mouse,  normally for gaming 6 buttons are more.

4. Battery 

You can see we added two wireless mice Which have Rechargeable batteries but mostly in the market you get cell batteries that have 12 to 18 months of lifespan. But check the battery lifespan and if you buy a Rechargeable battery mouse then check the battery backup.

5. DPI 

It is important to point because DPI shows how much stability the mouse has. Higher the DPI, the higher the accuracy. Choose a high DPI mouse. 

This is 5 points you have to check while buying a new Wireless mouse for a laptop. 

I think this guide helps you a lot more and also will help your friends or family so share this with your friends and family. 


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